Growth on the Horizon

Posted on by Michelle Bowers

As I attempt to clean up my desk, I realize that the job borders on the impossible. The diversity of tasks assembled on the surface of it seems mind-boggling. As I write these words, I see piles of papers of all shapes and sizes.

Among all the papers are financial reports and budgets—some with great numbers and others with disappointing ones. There’s a grant proposal waiting for funding. There’s a brochure about our strategic plan for the next five years and another about the Annual Celebration Dinner in November. A final report on our Golf Tournament held back in May bears good news, which becomes a great encouragement to me.

There are also ministry reports from Grant, Roosevelt, Clackamas & Gladstone High Schools, and Happy Valley & Rock Creek Middle Schools. There are pages detailing new start-up ministry sites in Gresham, Milwaukie, and at Kraxberger Middle School that are being filled this next fiscal year. Two new churches (and possibly a third) are entering into a partnership with YFC to share staff member and initiate youth evangelism in their neighborhoods.

And there is a note waiting to be sent to our board of directors, a group of men and women who give of themselves and their expertise to guide our direction and focus. That note sits on top of a copy of a proposal for a foundation.

So what does this entire mess mean? Why do I bring it up? Because it means that Portland YFC is vibrant and growing. And it means despite our growth and diversity, our message still remains the same. Our message is still the Gospel. Thanks for helping us meet the critical need of reaching out to the youth in our community with the Good News of Christ.

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