Leap of Faith

Posted on by Michelle Bowers

Last month as I stood at the end of the high ropes course watching to see who would take the “Leap of Faith” at the end, it hit me. “How often in life do you, Fred Douglas, jump (not step) out in faith?” I have to admit as an older man now, not very often.

At camp this year, I watched as one by one the students would come to the end of the ropes course, some pondered and leaped, some just fell forward knowing the safety harness will catch them and others, well after time (up to 15 minutes) of coaxing and assuring, trusted the harness and stepped off the platform they were standing on.

It took a lot of courage for them to step off because they dealt with their fear of falling and counted the costs of their actions. Well, they made it and the expression of joy on their faces was priceless!

This year YFC is taking a leap of faith; we are adding staff and launching new ministry sites. We are increasing our budget and upgrading our events to better inform, increase, and serve our stakeholders. We are putting it all on the line to make sure we can reach as many students as possible.

But we cannot go it alone; we need help. We need your help. Will you join us this year? Will you be a volunteer and minister to kids directly or will you consider helping us put on YFC events?

Will you take a leap of faith with us financially to support the work of YFC around our city?

Your support makes it possible for us to reach out to students who are stuck on the platform of life desperately wanting to get down safely but have no idea who they can trust. I’m asking you to trust us as we trust God to help us build a trusting relationship with the students we encounter.

Let’s leap together.

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