City Life

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What is City Life?

City Life is YFC's growing network of workers who are under the umbrella of the national Core Ministry title of "City Life." The complex challenges related to working with urban youth and families have stretched the boundaries of more traditional YFC club-based models. For some ministry sites, this has meant educational initiatives. For others, it has meant job training programs or sports and recreational activities. For all, it has included personal relationship building along with the core message of the love of Jesus.

Yet, no single approach or "silver bullet" strategy has arisen from within YFC (or from any other like-minded ministries working in the city, for that matter). Instead, it has become clear that the complexities of the urban context require a more flexible, holistic, and multi-faceted approach.

Contact Information
10011 SE Division St. Ste 209 Portland, OR 97266-1353
503-288-5124 fax

Ways to Get Involved

Area Support Team

Area Support Teams are groups of local, caring parents and other adults who desire to see the gospel of Christ spread through service in various areas: Community Relations, Ministry Development, Prayer Teams, Volunteer Recruitment, and Special Events. If you live in the North Portland area and are interested in helping us share Christ’s love in North Portland, please contact Bruce Ruffin.


It takes a team of people to make Campus Life work. The opportunities for committed and trustworthy individuals to serve with YFC are endless. Please contact our office for more information. 


There are lots of ways to donate. Every little bit helps and goes to further the mission of YFC, reaching out to every yong person one at a time. If you would like to donate simply use the "donate now" button located in the left sidebar.